Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids say the darnest things

You know that saying, "kids say the darnest things"? Well, I am finding out just how true that saying really is.

Nai'a's vocabulary is not of a three-year, she says things way beyond her years everyday. We have to be careful with what we say or do around her because it won't be long before she is saying or doing it herself.

So, we've been really stressing the " you have to share" Fraze with her. A few months ago we were all laying in bed when Nai'a grabbed her dad's ipod and Erick asked her not to play with it because it might brake, so Nai'a looked at him and says " have to share".

Another big thing with her is babies and the word "pregnant." It's a word we have been using allot at home, since both of Erick's sisters are pregnant ,our upstairs neighbors is pregnant, our friend Megan is pregnant, and our friend molly was pregnant not to long ago. so we talk allot about babies in our home. One day after talking to Molly when she was preggers. Nai'a says to me. "Mommy I'm pregnant." I tried to contain my laughter and said, "Oh no Nai'a you're not pregnant, you won't be pregnant until you are really big like mommy. so now from time to time she reminds me that, " when I'm big big like a lady like you mommy, I'm going to have a baby" It makes me laugh but really, I don't want my three- year- old thinking of babies right now.

Just a few days ago we were all at home and Nai'a comes out of my room into the kitchen while I was doing the dishes and says, "mommy when I'm big I'm going to get my licence and I'm going to drive and you are going to sit next to me, I'm going to take you, OK mommy" What??!!I mean really, what three- year- old says that?

She just went to the movies for the first time about a week ago. Erick took her to watch monster vs. alien in 3D. she loved it, now going to the movies is the coolest. The other day in one of her many prolonged conversations with her dad she says, "Daddy take me to the moves" and Erick said, " I can't Nai'a, another day OK." and she says, "well then I'll take you." Just last night we were sitting in the living room watching a movie that just so happened to make me sob, Nai'a looks at me and says, "mommy what's wrong" I said, "nothing Nai'a the movies is just a little sad", she turns around and rubs my hand and says, "don't cry I'm your friend and I love you allot mommy".

Another thing she is into right now is pretend talking on her princess cell phone and lately she's been having long conversations with our dear friends Molly and Vic. although we don't visit them as much as we would like they are like family to us and Nai'a has a very special bond with them they are the parents of Her very first best friend whom I know will remain her best friend forever. In her pretend conversations with Vic and Molly she never fails to say, "I love you Vic and Molly" before she hangs up. I am and truly astonished how my little three- year-old already knows what love is because believe me when she says it they are not just words that come out of her mouth they are true feelings I can see it in her eyes.

I am amazed each day by both my girls. my brother-in-law said to me over the phone the other day " sent me those babies we'll keep them" I said to him, " no I don't think so, I can't imagine my life without them". I couldn't have said a truer statement. I really can't imagine my life without them.

When Xanti wakes up and I go in to get her she looks at me with her big bright eyes and says, "mama" and reaches out to me, when I pick her up she lays her head on my shoulder and cuddles for at least five minutes until she decides she is ready to be put down to play. When Erick has to work nights I take Nai'a to bed with me, because the truth is, I'm still afraid of the dark and afraid of being alone and in the dark. she rubs my back for a few seconds and says, " mommy, I really love you". how could I live without them after knowing the joy they bring to me by doing such simple things.

here are a few pics of them. " They really are growing fast!" Xanti just turned ONE and Nai'a will be FOUR this year. WOW!!!

Xanti is getting ready to hit the pinata with her big old spood.

Nia'a, "isn't she beautiful"

cute Xanti, trying to get on the bike

Nai'a loves to cook, she's making fresas con crema with her daddy

both my gorgeous girls

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lets try even harder to keep them safe

It seems a though every time I go to the store I learn something new or it helps me in some way...
On Friday I took my Sister to Heber, her son was sick so we went to  a clinic there. When we were done we went to the grocery store to pick up the medicine the doctor recommended. We had her two year old, Nai'a and Xanti, so you can imagine the riot. Nai'a wanted her own cart, Corey wanted to ride standing up Xanti was getting fussy, Nai'a didn't want to ride in the cart, then Corey didn't want to, anyway you get the picture. By the time we were ready to pay they were even worst pulling on the credit card machine, picking candy of the shelves... you know. 
The lady that was bagging our stuff saw that we were having a hard time so she asked them if they wanted a balloon. Corey, he didn't really care he was to into the credit card machine to care. Nai'a, she just gave the lady her hand and walked away to the balloon stand, she didn't even ask or even look at me she just left. She couldn't even see me from there and in order for me to see her I had to take a few steps and kind of tippy toe. It didn't mean much to me then, I thought, "how nice of this lady to have gone out of her way to help us calm our kids." We then walk over and said our thank you's and drove to my sisters, after dropping Evelin off we then drove home, while driving home I was analyzing the day, and that was  when I realized... uh! just thinking about it upsets my tummy. Yes it was very thoughtful of the lady at the store to have taken Nai'a hand in hand and give her a balloon, but it made me realize how easy it would be for someone to harm my sweet little princess, all that lady did was mention a balloon and like I mentioned before Nai'a took her hand without hesitation and left. 
I have talked to Nai'a about strangers many times and I will continue to do so even though she doesn't quite get it. This was such an eye opener for me. I thought of the many times she has just taken of in the store and I've had to chase after her it is only a mater of seconds in the time someone takes to say " you want a balloon" my child could be gone. I think I might double think those things that look like child leashes, I don't know about you but I have always thought those things were a little wrong, but I would rather have people thinking I'm cruel, weird, a bad mom or any other thing people think when they see a parent pulling a toddler on one of those than having my child go missing.
We all love our children very much and I think you would all agree with me that having your child kidnapped is our worst nightmare. So lets try even harder to keep a better look out on our sweet little ones, especially if they are extra friendly and not shy at all when it comes to people, like my little Nai'a, it could only take seconds. 

she is toooo beautiful and precious!

Monday, December 22, 2008

people that do good deeds still excist!

On Saturday the girls and I went to the store so we could let Erick sleep a little longer, it was cold, wet, and snowy, so you can imagine how hard it was to go out with Nai'a and Xanti in such horrible weather, the snow was blowing all over and Xanti's car seat was soaked, Nai'a on the other was enjoying the weather, stomping in the snow, getting wet, and getting dirty slushy snow all over the car. Not so exciting for me!!! Having to carry Xanti in a car seat that seems to be heavier than her and trying to keep track of Nai'a, since she seems to think she no longer needs to hold my hand. After all she is a big girl now. When I entered the store everything changed, I was greeted nicely by everyone we passed with smiles and nice hello's everyone seemed to be in great spirit. We were finally done shopping and surprisingly both girls were very well behaved, now I had to face the dreaded weather again that only seemed to be getting worst. there I was trying to get Nai'a in her car seat without getting much mud in the car while in the mean time Xanti was getting a little snowed on. Finally I got her in, now I faced another challenge lifting the car seat with Xanti inside of it and when you are 4 ft. 9 1/2 in. lifting a car seat with baby out of the top part of the shopping cart can be a little challenging. at this point was when an older lady walked over and offered a helping hand. What an angel...I find it very hard now a days to find strangers that are willing to help another stranger in need. It doesn't end there, We drove back to Oakley to by meat at the local store, I find the meat to be allot fresher and cheaper there. We were leaving and a gentleman stopped what he was doing and opened the door for us, I thanked him but he then asked, "which car is yours?" I told him and he walked over to it and opened the back door so that I could put the girls in. I was blown away... nice people that just want to do something nice without receiving anything but a simple Thank you and Marry Christmas are still out there.

I'm the type of person that if you are standing behind me in a long line waiting to pay and you only have a few things I will let you go ahead of me even if I have my two girls. If you have a stroller and baby aboard I will hold the door for you sometimes I may not be going to the same store, I just don't have the heart to walk away from someone that needs help. If I see you and you are in need and I can help I don't walk away. When people help me I feel entirely grateful to them.

I write this because many times I have gone shopping or gone out to pay a few bills and needed someone to open a door or hand me something I just dropped because my hands were full and people just walk right by me. It makes me sad to know that the niceness in the world is disappearing.

So, if you are are out and about and can lend a helping hand don't hesitate to do so it could mean the world to someone.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Erick had a birthday, November 26th. He is now 26. Time has really flown I met Erick when he was 17 so it's been almost 10 years and what a journey it's been with more yet to come.

We didn't do anything big since Thanksgiving was the following day. We went to Salt Lake and ate tacos al pastor then drove back to his parents house and enjoyed a homemade chocolate cake with a cherry cream frosting, which I made for him, at his special request and it was totally yumshus. mmmm...that's going in my recipe book! we hung out with his family then went home.


I made my first turkey, (I can't believe I didn't take pictures) I have to say it was the best turkey I have ever had. To be honest I don't really like turkey but this turkey was delish. I let it marinate over night and Five hours later the next day it was cooked to perfection, so filled with flavor and oh so moist. I also made the mashed potatoes, a corn dish and my mom's famous bite size meat balls to snack on. My sister-in-law Mirelle made The green bean casserole, pumpkin cheesecake and sweet yams, my mother-in-law made apple pie the drink, the roles and provided her home, needless to say we had a delicious feast. We toasted and went around the table saying what we were thankful for.

So many things to be thankful, our families, jobs, health, for us being able to live in this country, the gospel, gods constant guidance and protection, our homes, our friends,and the list goes on. I love the holidays, I love spending extra time with our loved ones and the food is so good, but this is also a time when I get a little, ok allot nostalgic since I have no immediate family to share it with no mom, dad, sister, or brother. This is why I am extra thankful for Erick's family. I am not treated like the daughter-in-law or the sister-in-law but as a daughter and a sister I think that if you were a stranger looking in on our family you would think I was the daughter and Erick the son-in-law, I have such a special bond with Erick's family I truly feel loved and welcomed, and That is what I am most thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Truly extraordinary

Today I was looking trough some papers in my files, I needed the girls social security number for some paper work I was filling out. While searching I came across both of there birth certificates and read them then I searched through some more and found Leith's, our diciest son's birth certificate, I had forgotten how much he weighted 1 lb 4 oz. he was just a about an inch taller than a dollar bill. It's strange to think of him that tiny because when he was born and I saw him he was tiny, yet he didn't seem that small, but now reading and looking back he was very tiny.

After reading his birth certificate I read his death certificate, I can't believe we already have a death certificate in our little family. I couldn't help feeling sad, my stomach all of a sudden is upset and I can't help but replay that day in my mind. I am feeling a little sad because after reading the causes of death on the certificate I researched a little on them and it seemed he was in allot of pain and discomfort. I wish I could have bared some of his pain in those 4 short days. I've been missing him lately "I guess the sadness of loosing a child never completely goes away, it does get better but it doesn't go away."

The other night Erick was sitting on the floor playing with both the girls, they were having so much fun, I was making dinner and looked over at them, I couldn't help the taught of seeing Leith playing there too, it was such a strong thought I could see him there for a second. I asked Erick if he thought Leith would ever visit us, he answered yes. I hope it is soon. Sometimes when I can't go to sleep at night or when I just all of a sudden wake up, I look around the room hoping to see him, I have a few friends that say they have had visits from there diciest loved ones, sometimes more than once and I can't help but wonder and hope it will happen to me.

Sometimes I think of the things I could have done that maybe could have prevented his death and then I remember it wasn't ment to be prevented I accepted this trial and so did he. I should be happy and grateful for having the opportunity to be the mother of such a special boy he was saved from the wickedness of this world all he needed was a body and what he did for Erick and I in just four days was something I hope I can achieve in my lifetime. he brought two souls, two special children of our heavenly father back to him. "In just four days, He is truly extraordinary!"

Friday, October 31, 2008

Nai'a's birthday

My beautiful princesa

I know it's a little late but Nai's turned three- years-old on September 30th. CRAZY!!! can't believe she is already three, all though she acts like she is thirteen. HELP!!! What will I do when she is really thirteen? We had a family dinner and cake on her actual birthday, then on October 11th we had a princess birthday party. I know you are probably asking "why so late?" We didn't want to have it before which would be September 27th, the following weekend would have been perfect but... it was General Conference, our next option was the weekend after conference which brings us to October the 11th. It was a blast! She enjoyed every bit of it and that's all that matters right? she got many gifts and we had most of our close friends come. the food was yumshus! ( made by my mother-in-law) treats were made by me. I made magic wands (white chocolate covered pretzel rods with m&m's, flower sandwiches, and chocolate cups (they say those were yumshus too). I made homemade crowns with jewels for the guest and the party bags I cut in shape of castles. Tia Mirelle helped me decorate (Thanks it was so pretty!). I even made a Pinata ( pink hot air balloon shape) which didn't last very long I should have done more layers of paper mache but Erick said to not do it to thick other wise the kids weren't going to be able to brake it. " well he was wrong" (kids are stronger than we think). We danced and played a few games. "What a fun party!"... but I don't think we will be doing one for while. Xanti had started to teeth that day and she just cried historically for the second half of the night, I was really frustrated and tiered. I guess we'll have to throw Xanti a one-year-old party and a three-year-old party just so they don't say we favored one more than the other when they are older, and then we are done throwing BIG patties for some years. They are lots of work! They are worth it just to see your kids happy but I think I can only handle a few for each child in one life time.

Well, here are some pictures of her princess party

Nai'a casting a spell

Nai'a and cousin Sean... How cute!

This is what happens when you give a three-year-old dress up eye shadow.

Playing musical chairs

Dale! Dale! Dale!

All the kids collecting candy

Queremos pastel!

Papa and his little princess Xanti

Carlitos and Mariely Aquin (such beautiful kids!)

Nai'a with the Howard girls (we love you)

Nai'a with the Kerr's (Thanks for being such great examples)

Singing happy birthday and las mananitas

eating the cake

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Count your many blessings

I've been wanting to post this for a while, now I finally have the time.

A few weeks ago the girls and I went for a drive to Park City, it was a Saturday, I figured we could hit a few yard sales and in the mean time let Erick sleep a little longer on his day of. I didn't get much , just some random stuff nothing to exciting. On the drive back both my girls were asleep, the radio was off and it was in complete silence, I started to admire the drive and think about life. I had been so stressed about a few things going on that I had forgotten about how blessed I really am. So that was the moment, the moment I thought about the many blessings I have. My husband is a wonderful man. He is very thoughtful, he has always provided us with what we need and a little more, he supports everything I do even my not so bright ideas, he has never stopped me from doing what I want. He loves the savior and our heavenly father and has a strong testimony of the true church. Erick loves me with all he is and shows it in many ways. I have two beautiful little girls , they are both healthy , smart and very special. The lord has never left us alone, he has always protected us and has blessed me with the companionship of the holy ghost. Just that morning I was driving to Park City a bit over the speed limit and all of a sudden I thought " just because it's daylight doesn't mean I can drive this fast I still don't know what's up ahead, I'd better slow down." Right when I started to slow down a deer ran across, I would have hit it had I not listened to the spirit telling me to slow down. I am so thankful for the gift of the holy ghost what would I be without it? I am blessed with having great in-laws, they support us in so many ways. When I need a break from the girls my mother in-law is always willing to watch them, they are both great parents and great friends to me I could not have asked for better in-laws. I have good health, we live in a nice place we have the truth in our lives, that's a big one I always think of how hard it is to not know what your purpose in this life is. How hard it is to not know why we are here and what will happen after this life. I'm blessed to know the truth and to know why, why we suffer and why we feel joy, why there is good and also much evil. It is to hard to just live day to day not knowing the purpose of this life not knowing why we are even here who made us and if being good is even worth it. I'm so grateful to my heavenly father for helping me find these answers. I'm thankful for prayer especially the prayers of thanks. It feels so good to be able to offer a prayer of thanks, nothing else but thanks. I think it's something we should all do from time to time, thank our creator for this beautiful world he has given us to enjoy, thank him for our families, our friends, our health, our jobs the trials that are sent to us and just simply our existence.

These are some pictures from the drive to my house. How can one not be thankful for the beautiful things the wold is made up of?